A successful Dog handler is one who is confident.  How do you get confident?  By practicing different skills at an easy level until your movements and actions are smooth.   It is not difficult, it just takes minutes a day.  

I will help you with all your needs until you are confident.  You may read things on the internet but are still having challenges and you don't know why.  I will observe you and your dog and tailor to your situation what works and show you why certain things you read haven't worked.

Are you thinking to yourself  "I have had dogs all my life.  I have trained them easily, but this one is a challenge." 

This is where I can help you as I have helped hundreds of people who told me this.  Every now and then you get a different sort of dog.  That's my specialty.  Help all owners be successful with their dogs.

Maybe you are thinking......... How do I get my dog to stop jumping on people, How do I get my dog to stop barking, or how do I get my dog to stop stealing food?  Also, how do I get my dog to stop sneaking out the door and running the neighborhood or how do I get my dog to potty on command?  How do I get my dog to RELAX?  Then you need our Fix it Plan.

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